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Offshore oil and gas

Fixed platforms


Sheffield Forgemasters International has now established itself as the world leader in the design and supply of heavy castings to the global offshore industry.

Cast trunnion nodes and padeyes are now the established method used in the North Sea for lifting large jacket structures into place. Typical jacket weights are 6,000 to 9,000 tonnes.

Cast nodes offer high fatigue strength compared to welded joints and are used where high stress concentrations occur.


Vulcan SFM draws upon a wealth of experience in designing and supplying deck lifting points to offshore platforms.

Various types of lift points can be used, including proud pad-ears, inset pad-ears and inset sheaves.

Sheffield Forgemasters International’s castings are capable of lifting decks up to 12,000 tonnes.

Additionally, Vulcan SFM can design and supply spreader bar ends, stab-in nodes,complex footing nodes and flare boom nodes.

Floating production and drilling units

TLPs, Semisubmersibles, Spars, FPSOs.

Structural components

Vulcan SFM designs and manufactures structural insert castings for use in highly stressed areas of the hull and has worked with major contractors on the structurally critical tendon porches used in numerous TLPs including Magnolia and Kizomba.

Riser systems

Stress joints, keel joints and transition joints.

With the need to go deeper, Vulcan SFM’s capability to supply very long, one piece joints is key to reducing the risk of failure which increases when welding multiple smaller lengths.

Riser Joints can be manufactured to a maximum length of 58 feet (17.7 metres).

Mooring systems

Sheffield Forgemasters International produces high-strength mooring components for securing floating platforms.

These are safety-critical components manufactured to exacting standards.

Vulcan SFM has designed and supplied cast pad-eyes for attaching the moorings of floating structures to suction and driven piles globally.

High integrity forged connectors using a bespoke F22 grade material are increasingly used within FPSO mooring systems.

Tendon systems

Vulcan SFM produces cast mooring components which secure TLPs in some of the most severe deepwater locations and has supplied significant numbers of cast Roto-Latch connectors to Oilstates Industries for attaching the tendon to the pile.

Vulcan SFM supplies high integrity forged length adjustment joints and also specialises in manufacturing cast tendon porches.

Subsea processing systems

Growth in the use of subsea processing has brought a renewed focus on high integrity castings and forgings for pumps, compressors and separators subsea.

A key capability is the production of high strength cast and forged pressure vessels.

Sheffield Forgemasters International’s experience in nuclear and downstream chemical pressure vessels is well established.

Wye pieces

Vulcan SFM has supplied numerous wye pieces ranging from 16-32 inch diameter. The scope of supply has included design, manufacture, fabricated pup pieces, hydrostatic testing and strain gauging.