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Steel grades

A thorough understanding of the operating environment and the manufacturing process is the only way to create products with the integrity required for offshore environments.

Sheffield Forgemasters International has developed and promoted the use of Cast Steel Node (CSN) 300 and 400 steels for ultra large castings in fixed North Sea structures.

CSN low carbon, manganese, nickel grade steel is now the industry standard for offshore casting applications. The grade is recognised in DEP 37 81 20 30, written into NORSOK M122 plus other contract specifications. Extensive testing programmes include:

  • Mechanical testing from test block and sacrificial castings
  • Base material CTOD testing
  • High cycle cruciform fatigue testing and crack growth analysis
  • Weldability testing including GCHAZ and SCHAZ CTOD
  • Heat Treatment Transformation characteristics Sheffield Forgemasters International is able to offer material choices in higher yield and corrosion resistant steels.

The high quality melting facilities and ingot development work offers forged products in various material grades including F22, A707, HY80, 8630 and 4630.