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Steel Ltd.


The ultimate market for Sheffield Forgemasters’ steel is at the leading edge of technology in fields as demanding as aerospace, offshore oil exploration, power generation, shipbuilding, seamless tube, railways, bearings, defence, metals re-rolling, paper, dies and chemical engineering.

Steel Ltd key facilities

  • 100 tonne Birlec Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) equipped with Sliding Gate Tap Hole (for slag free tapping)
  • 100 tonne Finkl Vacuum Argon Degassing Unit (VAD)
  • 90 tonne Vacuum Oxygen Decarburising Unit (VOD)
  • Vacuum Tanks for stream degassing ingots up to 285 tonnes
  • Casting bay with shallow pit, deep pit, air cast and argon shroud facilities
  • Hot Boxes, fully insulated for slow cooling ingots after teeming
  • Annealing furnaces for annealing of ingots