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Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd.

Research and development

Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd recognises that in global manufacturing today, the only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to master new developments with speed.

As a result, the company places huge importance on research and development (R&D) – and has invested heavily in all areas of the business to implement new processes and technology.

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Sheffield Forgemasters International spends between 5 and 10% of its annual profits on research and development companywide compared to a national average of 3% and group-wide, R&D is managed by specialist company, Sheffield Forgemasters RD26 Ltd.

The aim of this approach is to improve efficiency and optimise both process and product routes. It also enables Sheffield Forgemasters to provide unique R&D solutions to industry.

Sheffield Forgemasters International has retained a presence at the forefront of the world’s most technically driven markets thanks to more than 150 years of technical leadership. This expertise, combined with the continuing investment in R&D, allows the company to develop at the pace demanded by its clients and customers.

The majority of metallurgical research involves aspects of new material development and process improvement honed by computer modelling.

RD26 Ltd is investing in projects including researching alternative melting and deoxidation techniques and associated clean steel practice and refractory selection to minimise erosion and reduce inclusion risk from this source. Forging techniques, advancing heat treatment practices - to optimise mechanical properties and casting solidification processes are also areas of ongoing R&D refinement.

This considerable investment in R&D has also enabled Sheffield Forgemasters International to focus on major projects in areas across the business and to form partnerships with high-profile companies in the delivery of R&D to external markets.