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Order intakes rocket for Vulcan SFM

21 September 2011

Sheffield Forgemasters’ specialist offshore technology and project management division, Vulcan SFM, has completed a successful financial year breaking targets for new orders by nearly £18m.

In July 2010, the company announced that it was anticipating orders totaling £22 million throughout 2010-11.

However, successful bids on projects for the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil have seen the order intake rocket to nearly £40 million.

Ian Nicholls, Managing Director of Vulcan SFM, said: “In the latter part of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011 all of the key bids have resulted in order placement resulting in an unprecedented level of order intake and an anticipated year end order intake of nearly £40m and a similar strong start to 2011/2012.”

“The global offshore oil and gas industry is thriving at the moment and the casting technology that we developed here at Forgemasters continues to be in strong demand with castings  destined for projects in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil.

“The crude oil price is strong, providing for investment in field expansion and refurbishment, and new field developments. Vulcan SFM has an excellent relationship with its customers and, in partnership with the SFEL foundry, is pulling out all of the stops to try and satisfy the demanding delivery requirements.”

Vulcan offers engineering expertise designing casting shapes to meet specific load cases and validated by finite element analysis. Castings for North Sea fixed platforms represent the pinnacle of technical and manufacturing expertise and the latest trunnion node for the Valemon Field will be one of the largest ever produced weighing more than 100 tonnes.

Ian said: “The reason Vulcan has been so successful is due to our reputation and innovation. Since we started out in this market, producing components for use in the North Sea we have built an excellent reputation for quality and reliability and we have continued to diversify our products to meet new market requirements.

“This has enabled us to expand globally, into territories such as the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Africa and Malaysia and to demonstrate to the industry that we’ve got the pedigree and the qualifications to really deliver.”

Vulcan has taken three major contracts for sub-sea mooring (RotoLatch) castings which will be used in Brazil’s Papa Terra oil field and the Olympus and Bigfoot oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. As well as the tendon porch and deck stool castings for Papa Terra.

Vulcan SFM specialises in producing castings for fixed and floating production units - including structural and heavy lift castings as well as mooring components, tendon porch and deck stool castings, insert nodes and pile lug cans.

The company also has a dedicated design team with more than 25-years’ experience in designing structural and heavy lift castings for jackets and top side structures.

In addition to castings, Vulcan has significant expertise and experience in manufacturing sub-sea forgings including taper stress joints and tensioner spool joints. With the commissioning of the new 4000 tonne press and the published results of recent offshore forging material developments Vulcan has started to win orders for offshore riser components. 

Ian added: “After an exceptionally quiet period during the economic downturn in 2008/2009, the global demand for oil and gas production has boomed and we are currently seeing an exceptional demand for our products.

“This demand is expected to continue for some time and in response, oil and gas companies will continue to invest in new market areas and improved products, so we are very optimistic about the future.

“The commissioning of our new 4000 tonne press and heat treatment gives us more manufacturing capability for forged components. The integrated machine shop, long product boring capability and excellent technical expertise in high quality product and materials sees us well placed to expand the supply of forged product into the offshore sector.”

Vulcan SFM was launched in 2006, building on Forgemasters’ 28-year history in offshore engineering in order to provide expert engineering and metallurgy with focused project management co-ordinating the manufacturing activities in the engineering group SFEL.

The company carries its unique experience in the pioneering design and development of cast nodes to provide for continuing reliability and sustainability.