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Forgemasters weigh in with lucrative contracts

07 February 2008

Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd (SFIL) continues to demonstrate strong global demand for its expertise with the announcement of two export contracts worth £3.2 million.

The two contracts will see Forgemasters produce steel press componentsfor German company SMS Meer, a company of the SMS group,weighing a total of 669 tonnes, and follows £1.2 million of offshore contracts for Petrobas in Brazil, announced before Christmas.

The 200-year old engineering specialist will cast the 168 tonne foundation platen or base of a closed-die press for Italian company Ringmill, a supplier of open and closed die forgings.

To cast the complex platen, which will be shipped to Italy, Forgemasters poured 388 tonnes of liquid steel into a specially designed mould.

The finished press will be used to make a variety of engineered components needing immense pressure for their production. Closed die forging forces hot metal into a pre-determined shape and is widely used in mass production industries such as automotive and aeronautical fields.

Forgemasters are also producing three components for a 10,000 tonne press for American company Allvac, a world leader in the production of nickel-base and cobalt-base superalloys, titanium-base alloys, and specialty steels for the aerospace industry.

The three castings will consist of a foundation platen weighing 170 tonnes, an uppercross head weighing 179 tonnes and a lower cross head weighing 152 tonnes.

The components, two of which are already cast, will be created from a phenomenal 1098 tonnes of liquid steel. The third component is expected to be cast in the next few weeks and after rough machining will then be transferred to Germany for finishing work.  

Forgemasters has produced a number of castings for SMS Meer, including a 325 tonne casting for the foundation platen for the Kisco closed-die press in South Korea, valued at more than £1 million.

Graham Honeyman, chief executive at SFIL, said: “These orders reflect a global expansion in steel formingactivity which Forgemasters has always been a key supplier to. 

“The SMS group is an important client of Forgemasters and these two contracts further strengthen that relationship.”