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Forgemasters give unemployed a chance

24 August 2007

Forgemasters has given three young unemployed adults the chance to put their trouble-filled past behind them and prove that they can handle one of the toughest jobs in Britain

The Brightside Lane business opens its doors to take part in a brand new Discovery Channel series entitled  UK's Toughest Jobs.

Forgemasters feature in episode one of the seven part series which transmits on Discovery Channel from Wednesday 29th August at 9.00pm.

The three disenfranchised people travel to the steel city to meet their challenge.  One of them will be offered a job but they will have to put in days of relentless hard graft if they are to succeed.

Overseeing the progress of the three ‘rookies' is mentor and Foundry Foreman John Sanderson who joined the company himself as a 16 year-old apprentice over two decades ago.  

He has seen a number of apprentices come and go and is sure that his determined and direct management style will sort the men from the boys. 

John said: "They haven't got to be scared of the sparks, that's where the problems start." 

"Forgemasters prides itself on putting crucial skills back into the British steel industry and building an expert workforce and this job offer is a fantastic opportunity for one of the lads."

With a job on offer for rookies Kieron, Jason or Dean, this is more than just a short sharp shock for the trio, this is their shot at redemption but to earn it they'll need to shine.