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£1m Casting

31 May 2007

Sheffield Forgemasters makes the most expensive casting in its 200 year history

World leading engineers, Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd (SFIL), has produced its single largest and most expensive steel casting to date.

The phenomenal 325 tonne casting will form the foundation platen, or table for the Kisco closed-die press in South Korea, on behalf of German company SMS Meer, and is valued at more than £1 million.

Casting the platen required Forgemasters to make a single pour of 570 tonnes of molten steel and the resulting product is even larger than the previous largest casting made by the company, for the Bohler Press in Austria.

Measuring almost ten metres in length, six and a half metres wide and just less than three metres in height, the giant casting is one of three cast components for the contract, worth £2.5 million in total.

The finished press will be used to make a wide variety of engineered components needing immense pressure for their production. Closed die forging forces hot metal into a pre-determined shape and is widely used in mass production industries such as automotive and aeronautical fields.

Graham Honeyman, Chief Executive at SFIL, said: "This contract is a further extension of our dealings with the SMS group of companies. We previously produced the Bohler press under contract to SMS Eumuco, now incorporated into SMS Meer.

"Along with the foundation platen, we are also supplying a 230 tonne upper cross head and a 200 tonne lower cross head for the press, which makes us the only company in Europe that could handle this contract. There is no other European foundry that can realistically cast anything over 180 tonnes."

Photo Caption: The vast Kisco Platen casting at Sheffield Forgemasters Brightside Lane site.