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Sheffield steel powers French navy

21 September 2006

Sheffield Forgemasters is helping to power French naval warships.

The pre-machined driveshaft is for the namesake of France's fleet of Georges Leygues Class frigates and measuring more than 20 metres long.

It was hot-forged from a 67 ton ingot of steel at Forgemasters and then transferred to their machine shop to be shaped on a 22 metre long lathe.

The client, DCN Equipements Navals of Ruelle-Sur-Touvre, will then carry out final machining of the driveshaft.

This project comes on the heels of a previous driveshaft produced by SFIL for the French Navy, for their flagship 38,000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the Charles De Gaulle.

A spokesperson for DCN said: "Sheffield Forgemasters International is perfectly placed to handle a project like this. They can perform all processes on-site to produce the pre-machined shaft, which means that we only have one port of call."

Photo Caption: Forgemasters prepare the French Naval driveshaft for transportation.