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Forgemasters engineer Indian steel production

18 August 2006

Sheffield Forgemasters have won two huge contracts to produce the housings for the latest generation of rolling mills for the Indian steel industry.

The contracts will provide two of the largest Indian steel companies, Jindal Steel and Essar Steel, with cutting edge large scale plate rolling mills, enabling them to go head to head with China in the production of steel plate to feed increasing global demand.

SFIL is one of the few companies in the world with the engineering capacity to produce the mill housings, worth a combined £2.9 million.

Due to their vast size, the mills will be made in sections and once assembled, will enable Jindal Steel and Essar Steel to produce metal plate up to six metres wide, compared to a more conventional three metre standard.

Terry Whaley, Sales Manager at SFIL, said: "There are very few rolling mills of this size in the world..

"The mills will weigh around 540 tons each when fully assembled, and for our part, we will manufacture and supply both the cast sectional housings and the forged back-up rolls."

Both mills conform to newly developed styles, creating larger plate to reduce the amount of welding required in large scale construction industries such as ship building.