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Manufacturing Europe's Premier Casting

01 July 2006

Sheffield Forgemasters have produced the largest steel casting ever made in Europe.

The 325 ton casting will form the carcass of the Bohler press, which will make components for the world's largest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A380.

It required Sheffield Forgemasters (SFIL) to make a single pour of 600 tons of molten steel.

SFIL won the contract from German company SMS Eumuco against stiff competition from the far-east.

Measuring seven metres in length, four and a half metres wide and three and a half metres in height, the giant casting was rolled out of SFIL's foundry on a specially designed truck.

Dr Graham Honeyman, Managing Director of SFIL, said: "We are one of a select few foundries in the world capable of producing something on the scale of the Bohler press."

The company has the facility to produce single castings of up to 350 tons from one pour of molten metal, and forgings of up to 200 tons.

Alongside the huge casting, Forgemasters also supplied two forgings for SMS Eumuco to make up the drive spindle and guide bush which operate the press.