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  • 10,000 tonne forging press with a fully integrated 300 metric tonne manipulator, centrally controlled through interlocked computers, 3 electric overhead cranes (2 × 330 tonne + 100 tonne auxiliary hoist and 1 × 120 tonne service crane + 40 tonne auxiliary hoist)
  • 4,000 tonne press with a 80 tonne rail bound manipulator, fully integrated with size control accurate to +/-1mm, 1 electric overhead crane 70 tonne
  • 2,500 tonne press with a 50 tonne rail bound manipulator, 8 tonne mobile manipulator, 2 electric overhead crane (1 × 70 tonne + 15 tonne auxiliary hoist and 1 × 30 tonne + 10 tonne auxiliary hoist)
  • Modern re-heating furnaces fired by clean gas and equipped with sophisticated controls to ensure accurate and uniform temperature control
  • Comprehensive forging techniques to create hollow, solid and irregular shaped forgings up to 200 tonnes in weight and ensure extremely accurate size control and optimum metallurgical features throughout
  • Computer controlled gas fired horizontal furnaces with a unit capacity of up to 250 tonnes supported by oil and water quench facilities
  • Vertical electric resistance furnaces with a maximum unit size of up to 3.7 metres diameter by 21.5 metres deep
  • Vertical oil and water quenching facilities of up to 20 metres deep

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