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As both individuals and a company, Sheffield Forgemasters has never been more aware of its environmental impact and the ongoing responsibility to reduce that impact in any way possible.

Sheffield Forgemasters is committed to achieving and maintaining absolute environmental compliance and going above and beyond where there is a distinct business or environmental benefit. Its long term vision is to be clearly seen as an industry leader in environmental governance. Environmental considerations are becoming increasingly integrated into management philosophy and systems, and effective environmental management is considered with high importance. Our commitment to achieving our long term vision is communicated through our Environmental Strategy. This five year strategy lays out our environmental aims, objectives and targets to be fully implemented between 2011 and 2016. Progress towards delivering our strategy will be communicated each year via the Environment Strategy Annual Progress Report:

Annual Progress Report 2013/2014.

Annual Progress Report 2012/2013.

Annual Progress Report 2011/2012.

The commitment to strong environmental responsibility is demonstrated in the appointment of the dedicated resources in the Group Environment Team, led by the Group Environment Manager. Each department also has a dedicated Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager to monitor and manage environmental matters at a local level.

However, Sheffield Forgemasters believes that environmental management in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility.

Therefore, it is committed to improving environmental understanding and awareness throughout the 800 strong workforce through the delivery of focused and tailored environmental training.

For each business department, objectives and targets are in place for the minimization of water and energy use and waste production. In addition to this, Group wide environmental objectives and priorities are set annually and agreed at senior management level.

Sheffield Forgemasters is based in a highly industrialised setting. To improve both the appearance of the site for visitors and employees and developing site biodiversity, it has invested in creating green areas, planted boxes and beds and a site garden for employees to enjoy. An active relationship with the local Wildlife Trust is maintained. The company has gained awards from Sheffield In Bloom several years running.

The company’s operations are tightly managed and regulated to be compliant with the site Environmental Permit, as well as over 80 other relevant environmental legislations and requirements, to control, minimise and where possible eliminate emissions to air, land and water. Emissions are carefully and continually monitored and measured to keep within environmental compliance at all times. On this basis, Sheffield Forgemasters has developed a proactive and open relationship with the Environment Agency. This relationship will prove to be invaluable in improving environmental performance and reputation.

Sheffield Forgemasters has in place an Environmental Management System (EMS), certified to the ISO14001 standard.

Through implementing and maintaining a company EMS and adhering to the commitments laid out in the Environmental Policy, the company effectively manages and continually improves its operations and activities. Within this, internal plans, systems and procedures are in place for managing and improving the company’s environmental impact and performance.