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ASME Consulting

Sheffield Forgemasters currently holds ASME status as a Nuclear Materials Organisation, a qualification held by the company since 1992. By March 2013, it is hoped that ASME NPT (Nuclear Partials) will be added to the current accreditation. The knowledge of the precise requirements and comprehensive understanding of the ASME code will be disseminated through consultancy, by Sheffield Forgemasters RD26, to customers interested in gaining ASME accreditation.

Forgemasters has an unparalleled understanding of the ASME code within the UK and through its role as a tier one member of the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC), is poised to play a crucial part in establishing quality assurance requirements for businesses aiming to enter the UK civil nuclear supply chain.

Sheffield Forgemasters RD26 can offer consultancy regarding aspects of the ASME code including:

  • Understanding how to ensure compliance to avoid code violation
  • Gaining ASME accreditation
  • Audit preparation advice