2019 Health & Safety Conference

Sheffield Forgemasters recently held the 2019 Health and Safety Conference for its staff and invited the full workforce to attend over several sessions.

The key messages were to: inform staff of the significant improvements that have been made in the company over the last ten years; to stay vigilant and report anything unsafe; and what can be done to further improve our safety for the future by promoting a much stronger focus on the ‘Health’ of Health and Safety.

Sheffield Forgemasters Health & Safety Conference 2019

A number of the company’s suppliers also presented at the conference which painted a broader picture of the improvements in safety equipment around the site, reduction in accidents and an increased willingness to report unsafe conditions before they became accidents.

Health and Safety is a critical area of interest for the company and over the past ten years huge strides have been made in the reduction of accidents and avoidable incidents.

This reduction is true credit to the work and dedication of the company’s Health and Safety team. Also to the 700 strong workforce that have adopted and embraced the company’s Health and Safety culture.

Our commitment to continuous improvement will continue across the site with continued investment in upskilling our workforce on our journey to achieving world class Health and Safety standards.

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