Queen Elizabeth II

The world finds itself in a different era as we sadly mark the passing of the longest reigning monarch in British history, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,

The Queen has been the figurehead of our sovereignty for 70 years, working with extraordinary levels of compassion with her subjects across the globe, through work with charities, public bodies, military associations and public appearances.

As the head of the Armed Forces, Queen Elizabeth is held in particular affection by servicemen and women who serve to protect democracy and the freedoms we so cherish.

Weathering many turbulent years, she transcended wars and times of peace to offer stability. Her subjects never doubted her duty, or felt that she was less than permanent, Queen Elizabeth II symbolised all that makes Britain Great.

It is a privilege for those who have served, in any capacity, during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, and we should feel comforted that her influence and her exemplary abilities will live on, as we now look to celebrate her life and rejoice in the ascendancy of our new monarch, King Charles III.

Our condolences are with the Royal family at this sad time.

David Bond, CEO, Sheffield Forgemasters