Sheffield Forgemasters wins repeat Romanian contract

Sheffield Forgemasters first ever contract work in Romania has been followed by a repeat order.

Sheffield Forgemasters completed work on its first ever order from Romania for one back up roll and two work rolls for the largest aluminium smelter in central and eastern Europe in April 2012.

Now a second contract for a six figure sum has been placed by the Slatina-based Alro Sa for delivery in February 2013.

The rolls, with a total weight of 102 tonnes, will be used by Bucharest stock exchange listed Alro on their hot rolling machines to produce aluminium coils, sheets and plates for use in end-products, such as boxes, panels, mechanical parts, tools, moulds and white goods.

Ken Brooks, senior sales manager at Sheffield Forgemasters, said: “We strive to gain a foothold in new geographical markets across the globe and securing contracts like this is key to demonstrating our ability to satisfy a growing number of markets.

“We have been making in-roads into Romania alongside other former Eastern bloc countries for some time and this work is complemented by our existing status as the largest supplier of steel rolls into Russia.

“Alro is transforming from being primarily a commodity supplier to a value-added manufacturer with an eye to developing new products so it is key for us to remain in their sights for additional production components.”

Alro produce more than 288,000 metric tonnes of primary aluminium annually and is one of Romania’s largest companies with an important contribution to the local and national economic development.

The company is part of the international industrial and investment group Vimetco NV, which operates in the aluminium industry.

Alro’s customers consist of end users and metal traders both within Romania and beyond.

More than 80 per cent of Alro's output is sold on the international market through the London Metal Exchange, and based on direct contracts with long-term customers in 25 countries of the world including Italy, Greece, Austria, Hungary as well as Turkey, the Balkan countries and the United States.

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