Sheffield Forgemasters Joins ONS 2014 in Norway

Sheffield Forgemasters has joined 20 British manufacturing companies on a trade mission to ONS 2014 in Norway.

The UK engineering giant is showcasing its current and future capabilities through its offshore technology and project management specialist subsidiary Vulcan to key players in the oil and gas sector at the ONS exhibition and conference in Stavanger from 25-28 August.

The trade mission, organised by Norway2UK, is designed to build on the UK’s highly-regarded reputation in the energy sector, and to assist UK companies in identifying, and pursuing, business opportunities in this high-growth market.

Vulcan’s key objectives from the trip are to demonstrate its world class experience, gain strategic awareness about how the Scandinavian market is evolving, consider possible future opportunities and foster relationships with potential future business contacts.

Around 70,000 people are expected to attend the biggest ever three day event, celebrating its 40th year, with 1,250 global exhibitors showing off their capabilities in the Stavanger Forum exhibition centre - usually home to an ice hockey team.

John Duffy, Sales Manager Vulcan, who is attending the event with Vulcan’s Sales Director Nick Hartle, said: "ONS is a unique meeting place for everyone involved in the global offshore oil and gas sector.

"It is of interest to any company involved in the offshore oil and gas supply chain, from leading service companies to small, specialised companies, from development to decommissioning.

"Vulcan has played an increasing role as a key exporter of components to Norway - especially over the last three years. It is well positioned to further capitalise on the lucrative Norwegian oil and gas market. We currently have three forgings projects with Norwegian clients."

Sheffield Forgemasters is renowned as a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of large bespoke steel castings and forgings for the global offshore industry and already exports to 29 countries worldwide. It will be the first time in a number of year that it has exhibited at ONS Norway.

John added: “It will give us the chance to reinforce our company’s capability which is built on an ethic of high quality manufacturing supported by the latest technology and with the benefit of the experience of exhaustive qualifications and years of manufacturing experience in this sector.

"This is a capability beyond many global manufacturers so it is important that Sheffield Forgemasters is recognised as the preferred manufacturer for castings and forgings contributing to an industry focused on reliability.

"To have the opportunity to network with companies from across Europe is also invaluable."