Sheffield Forgemasters sign five-year contract renewal with Harsco Environmental

Published: 26 July 2023

Sheffield Forgemasters has announced the signing of a five-year contract renewal with Harsco Environmental.

This renewal solidifies a longstanding partnership between the two companies, built over 30 years, for the provision of heavy material movements, including molten steel and ultra-large components, slag and scrap management and Melt Shop services.

Harsco Environmental employs 19 staff on the 64-acre Brightside Lane site, supplying 30 vehicles including KAMAG heavy load transporters capable of carrying 320 tonnes and the class-leading Cometto self-levelling transporter, which moves molten steel around the site.

Jeremy Makepeace, Commercial Director, said: “The work that Harsco Environmental undertakes is crucial to our operations and requires full understanding of the safety implications of each task.

“Most of the work that Harsco undertakes is challenging, whether that’s moving materials in a hot-metal environment, transporting molten steel from the Melt Shop, or moving our largest castings and forgings around the site.

“Throughout the tendering process Harsco demonstrated, in conjunction with an impeccable safety performance, a successful track record of such operations alongside meeting our value for money expectations.”

As well as transportation and materials handling, Harsco Environmental is responsible for the re-processing of steel slag and handling of scrap materials for the primary steel melting process at Sheffield Forgemasters 100% of Sheffield Forgemasters’ slag is converted into steel slag asphalt at Harsco Environmental’s local SteelPhalt facility.

Russ Mitchell, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer of Harsco Environmental, said: “We express our deep gratitude to Sheffield Forgemasters for placing their trust in Harsco Environmental, and we are thrilled to extend our partnership. This contract renewal reinforces our unwavering commitment to delivering value and maintaining the highest safety standards."

Photo caption: (left/right) Cameron Woodhouse, Regional Director at Harsco Environmental with Jeremy Makepeace, Commercial Director at Sheffield Forgemasters.