Sheffield Forgemasters joins forces with General Fusion on Fusion Demonstration Plant

Published: 23 June 2021

Sheffield Forgemasters will identify routes to manufacture the interior vessel for General Fusion’s Culham-based demonstration plant.

The Oxfordshire facility is an important step to bringing the game-changing benefits of zero-carbon fusion energy to the world.

We are using our extensive experience and manufacturing capabilities in nuclear power to develop a specification and method of manufacture for the forged, thick-walled pressure vessel body, a key component in the proposed Fusion Demonstration Plant.

The Plant will showcase General Fusion’s Magnetized Target Fusion technology at the UKAEA’s world-renowned Culham Campus, which is a leading hub of fusion research.

Jesus Talamantes-Silva, Research, Design and Technology Director at Sheffield Forgemasters said: “Fusion is an exciting technology, which could become a key deliverable for the world’s future green energy provision.”

“Our initial remit includes evaluation of potential steel grades, modelling of forging and heat treatment processes, and their effects on microstructure and properties.”

“The scale and manufacturing complexity of the vessel requires a flexible and responsive approach to the work.”

Sheffield Forgemasters is establishing practical manufacturing solutions for all aspects of manufacture for the vessel, including steelmaking and forging, heat treatment, mechanical and non-destructive testing, machining and metrology.

This work utilises Sheffield Forgemasters’ extensive knowledge and experience relating to the manufacture of pressure vessels and other critical components for nuclear sectors. It also relies on Sheffield Forgemasters’ strengths at developing novel and creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.