Sheffield Forgemasters Appoints European Metallurgy Expert

Published: 17 June 2014

Sheffield Forgemasters has appointed international metallurgy expert Dr Martin Novak, formerly of Pilsen Steel, to become the new managing director of Sheffield Forgemasters Steel Ltd as the company continues to improve its exceptional product quality.

Czech-born Dr Novak joins the world class engineering giant after 10 years heading up the steel making facility at Pilsen Steel - an historic competitor of Sheffield Forgemasters - and brings with him a host of international contacts and experience.

Dr Novak (47) enjoyed a six month spell at Sheffield Forgemasters two and half years ago and was tempted back on a permanent basis by Chief Executive Graham Honeyman and his world renowned company.

He said: "Sheffield Forgemasters is a mark of quality. It has a very good reputation across the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to fulfil my steel making skills and knowledge, and combine European management and working style to bring positive benefits. I hope I can make a big difference here.

"I believe I have an important role and can help make Sheffield Forgemasters, one of the top three steel producers in the world. We can make steady progress to achieve that. There is so much potential here. I will bring my experience. All my life has been about steel making, it is my biggest hobby and has become a very big part of my life.

"My job is to making super clean steel to satisfy the demands of our clients and the markets."

Chief Executive Graham Honeyman said: "Martin knows the melting process like nobody else. He is a problem-solver and a motivator with experience of technically challenging applications. His substantial experience in the industry combined with his excellent contacts will be of great benefit to us."

Dr Novak, who holds degrees in metallurgy and refactory engineering; a masters in steel science plus a doctorate in metallurgy from the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, says he has already settled in well to Sheffield Forgemasters and South Yorkshire.

He said: "The level of skills, knowledge and responsibility are much higher here than in the rest of Europe. I look forward to working closely with Graham and the rest of the board and offering them my maximum support in their clear priorities, strategies and challenges.

"The people here are very friendly and I feel very comfortable in the city. I can't wait for my wife Pauline and our four-year-old son Jacob Adam to join me shortly."

Dr Novak spent 10 years at Pilsen Steel moving from Shift Manager to Chief of Production, MD of the steel plant to Chief Executive officer for the last three years. Prior to this he was at Poldi Kladno for eight years.