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Sheffield Forgemasters Produces Forged Subsea Emergency Repair Clamps

Sheffield Forgemasters has produced the largest ever forged sub-sea emergency repair clamp bodies for use on subsea gas pipelines.

The Requirement

Sheffield Forgemasters was approached by Oil States Industries to produce the two clamp bodies required for a hydraulically operated emergency repair clamp, designed to provide risk mitigation in the event of a breach of a sub-sea pipeline.

The clamp comprised of two matched halves that could be locked around a pipeline, in the event of a breach, to prevent leakage. In order to provide the matched pairs of half clamps the forging needed to be produced as a single 200 tonne piece before being cut longitudinally to produce the two matching halves. The resulting size of the forging required exceeded the known parameters for the steel grade specified for the clamp.

The combination of exceeding the known parameters of the steel grade and the size and complexity of the component made it a challenging project. However this is the kind of challenge where Sheffield Forgemasters excels.

What we Delivered

To achieve the desired result we started a 120 inch diameter ingot. A singular form for the whole clamp was then forged, rough machine and heat treated.

This then provided a consistant form for both sides of the clamp and the forging was cut along its 22 foot length to produce two pieces which could be independently machined to the tight tolerances required before being finally reassembled and pressure tested.

Througout the process our research and deecelopment depart were involved to predict and overdome challenges that might have been faced throughout the project.

Sheffield Forgemasters Produces Forged Emergency Repair Clamps

Outcome and Benefits

The unique capabilities at Sheffield Forgemasters allowed us to go from creation of the specified steel grade, in our melt shop, to completion of the finish machined pieces. These capabilities, along with our dedicated research and development department, were fundamental to the successful outcome of the clamp manufacture.

The clamp components were successfully delivered to Oil States industries who conducted in country test before finally delivering the finished clamp so that it was available to safeguard any potential breaches.

The material grade required and the size of these components made this a very challenging project. However this is where our company excels.

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