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  • Sheffield Forgemasters Engineering Limited (SFEL) was awarded the ASME NCA 3800 accreditation in 1990.
  • We have been  manufacturing  components for the nuclear industry since the 1950’s for both civil and military applications. 
  • Whilst the primary focus in the early years was supply to the UK nuclear industry there was a gradual change in emphasis as the nuclear industry became more global.  For example in the 1970’s SFEL supplied nuclear components to Canada for their own design of nuclear steam generator .
  • After the award of NCA 3800 SFEL broadened its scope to supply Westinghouse and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with safety critical PWR components.  Within the global business SFEL also supplied components for amongst others, the Spanish , Chinese, Belgian and French nuclear programmes.
  • Typical products included transition cones, shell strakes and tubesheets as well as parts for pressurisers.
  • More recently Rolls Royce and SFEL have collaborated on the development of components for the UK nuclear submarine programme.   Sheffield Forgemasters is the principal supplier to Rolls Royce of safety critical components for the submarine programme.
  • This work has culminated in the development of innovative forging techniques to enhance the mechanical properties of safety critical nuclear components for submarine units by more complex shaping at the forging stage. 
  • This technology is now being successfully transferred to large civil nuclear components and is being developed to bring customer benefits from hot extrusion processes.
  • In 2010 SFEL was awarded the HAF 604 accreditation by the Chinese nuclear authorities.  We also have RCC-M accreditation for the supply of steam generator products.
  • The company is a significant supplier of nuclear cask forgings.
  • Cask forgings, whether for transport or storage, have been supplied to customers in USA, Japan, UK France and Germany. 
  • Our most featured forging  is probably in the Magnox unit used by the British nuclear authorities in the 1980’s to demonstrate safety in a high speed train crash.
  • As the global nuclear new build programme continues to expand there is increased demand for measures to deal with nuclear waste.  We are working with a number of key European organisations to develop materials and forgings for the future long term storage of nuclear waste.