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Mills and presses

  • The manufacture of the world’s largest castings - up to 350 tonnes finished weight
  • Through continuous improvement and development, Sheffield Forgemasters has achieved multi-ladle pours in excess of 580 tonnes of liquid steel to satisfy the increasing demands for larger heavier castings for the forging press and rolling mill markets
  • A range of large cast components typically including: press frame cross heads and platens for open die forging presses; rams for counter blow hammers; rolling mill housings and edger housings for the steel industry
  • A variety of forged products for mills and presses ranging from tie rods and drive spindles to fully machined cylinders for extrusion presses
  • Cast steel rolling mill housings manufactured at a maximum finished weight of 350 tonnes and cast to give the structural integrity required by modern day mill designers
  • Finish machined mill housings and heavy press components ready to be shipped to worldwide
  • Rough and finish machining using gantry type milling machines and ram borers equipped with the latest CNC controls.
  • Finished machined castings are produced to the most exacting tolerances.
  • Finish machining of back-up rolls up to 170 tonnes.
  • Hydraulic presses and equipment, in particular, open-die forging presses with manipulators, radial forging machines, powder presses and special presses, extrusion presses for light and heavy metalsHydraulic presses components, in particular Foundation platens, upper and lower crossheads are produced for open-die forging presses. All the key main forging presses with all the necessary upline and downline forming accessories
  • With a finished machined weight of 350 tonnes. 
  • Sheffield Forgemasters Engineering Ltd has worked closely with our clients to give the balance of chemistry and mechanical values for endurance and performance in counter blow hammers and anvils to meet the demands of the world’s leading closed die forging companies.
  • The largest counterblow hammer in the world (DG140) was manufactured by Sheffield Forgemasters Engineering Ltd
  • The hammer operates at a working energy of 1400 kJ - equivalent to a press force of 49,500 tonnes.