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Human Resources

As a strong local employer, Sheffield Forgemasters places Human Resources as a high priority and any documents supporting our employment responsibilities can be found in this section of the website.

The information contained within this report complies with current Gender Pay Gap legislative requirements. For the purpose of this report the data relates to Sheffield Forgemasters Engineering Ltd exclusively. The four other business entities (Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd, Sheffield Forgemasters Steel Ltd, Sheffield Forgemasters RD26 Ltd and Vulcan SFM) are out of scope for the 2017 report due to having less than 250 employees. The data within this report accounts for approximately 76 per cent of the total UK workforce.

Gender Pay Gap Report April 2017

Gender Pay Gap Report April 2018


Health & Safety

Health and safety is at the forefront of Sheffield Forgemasters International's management philosophy. No major decision is taken at any level of the organisation, from Board level down, without due cognisance being taken of its impact on the safety of the company's employees.

Sheffield Forgemasters International’s prime objective is to ensure that its employees can come to work each day with the reasonable expectation of not being injured or exposed to the risk of ill health as a result of their work activities or working environment.

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