Sheffield Forgemasters' melt shop is equipped with industry leading technology to allow us to produce liquid steel for our foundry and steel ingot for our forge or for customers.

At the heart of our steel melt shop is a 105 tonne furnace, which produces liquid steel in a wide range of grades.

Liquid steel is supplied directly to our foundry for steel castings or poured into ingot moulds. Ingots are then forged in one of our open die presses or supplied to our customers as a material for further processing. Ingots can be air cast from 1.5 up to 84 tonne and vacuum cast up to 285 tonne.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Sheffield Forgemasters has a dedicated and highly qualified Research & Development team. The R&D team provides expert analysis, prediction, modelling and design services to various areas of the Sheffield Forgemasters business. Many consultancy services are also available to our customers and external contracts.

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