Sheffield Forgemasters offer a comprehensive range of heat treatment, cryogenic treatment and quenching facilities.

The correct heat treatment of a steel component, at various stages of production, is key to achieving the desired mechanical properties within a forging or casting. Our wide range of traditional and vertical heat treatment facilities are designed to produce optimal metallurgical properties of castings and forgings. The range of heat treatment and quench facilities mean that we can offer the best choice for a wide range of carbon, low alloy and specialist steel grades.

Heat treatments are used for a number of different scenarios including hardening, annealing and solid state hydrogen diffusion. Treatment for mechanical properties, we offer solutions to meet the most demanding engineering applications.

These operations are supported by stringent quality assurance and where appropriate thermal modelling of heating and quenching can be undertaken to ensure component integrity.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Sheffield Forgemasters has a dedicated and highly qualified Research & Development team. The R&D team provides expert analysis, prediction, modelling and design services to various areas of the Sheffield Forgemasters business. Many consultancy services are also available to our customers and external contracts.

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