Our Values and Behaviours

Working Together

Collaborating in partnership with our customers, suppliers and each other

Accepting individual and collective responsibility for delivering on our promises

Achieve the best by working as one

Taking pride and giving commitment

Trust and Respect

Working with dignity and integrity

Approaching challenges with confidence

Embracing our strong connections in our company, in industry, in academia and our community

Creating an inclusive environment for all

Quality and Innovation

Using all our skills in each discipline and each process to produce the best quality for our customers

Delivering bespoke solutions for highly demanding applications

Using workforce expertise to develop innovative products

Continuously looking for ways to improve, innovate and excel

Safety and Wellbeing

Putting safety first in everything we do

Taking care of ourselves and those who work on-site

Taking our environmental responsibilities seriously on a local, national and global level

Participating in activities that give back to our community

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