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Sheffield Forgemasters specialise in designing and manufacturing high integrity forgings and castings solutions, offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for steel production from a single site in the UK.

A range of global markets are served including Defence & Marine, Civil Nuclear, Steel Processing, Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewables, Power Generation, High Pressure Reactors, Steel Plant and Ingot & Bar.

Meet our team below to find out more about life at Sheffield Forgemasters, the exciting work we do to solve the world’s most complex engineering challenges and the outstanding service we deliver to our customers.

Barry Rice

Head of Sales



Michael Holloway

Business Development Manager

Engineered Products & Defence

Email: mholloway@sfel.com

Dominic Ashmore

Business Development Manager

Clean Energy

Email: dashmore@sfel.com

Bill Healy

Senior Sales Manager

Engineered Products

Email: whealy@sfel.com

Chloe Griffiths

Sales Manager

UK Defence

Email: cgriffiths@sfel.com

Andrew Green

Sales Manager

Global Defence

Email: agreen@sfel.com

Richard Kirtley

Sales Manager

Offshore Oil, Gas and Renewables

Email: rkirtley@sfel.com

Dan Millington

Technical Sales Manager

Steel Processing

Email: dmillington@sfel.com

Gareth Barlow

Sales Manager

Ingot & Bar

Email: gbarlow@sfel.com

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